Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coach Shanahan conjures Vince Lombardi - chooses Redskins

In one of the more bizarre sports stories to appear in recent months (guns being pointed in NBA locker rooms notwithstanding), it has been reported that Mike Shanahan's wife consulted a ouija board before Shanahan made his decision to take on the responsibility of head coach with the Washington Redskins.

An unnamed source claims several teams were reaching out for Shanahan's services, and he was unclear which rebuilding project would yield the most positive results.

"I didn't want to end up like Mooch [Steve Mariucci]," Shanahan was quoted as saying. "In a discussion with my wife, I wondered aloud what Vince Lombardi would do, and she replied 'let's find out'".

Shanahan's wife, who is an amateur medium, brought out a ouija board and used it to channel the spirit of Coach Lombardi, who allegedly gave the nod to Washington. "Lombardi seemed to think the Raiders and Seahawks have no chance next season," chuckled Shanahan. "I'm glad I consulted the spirit world before making my decision."

There is no word whether Coach Shanahan will consult the otherworldly before making any further coaching decisions. However, in a city full of obelisks and other Egyptian symbolism, a little necromancy doesn't really seem all that bizarre.

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