Friday, January 22, 2010

Leafs find a new way to lose... again

TAMPA, FLA.— It was a predictably awful game between the 13th- and 14th-best teams in the 15-team Eastern Conference before a not so interested crowd announced as 13,691 but realistically was significantly less than that.

"Too many men on the ice in the last minute of overtime? Nope, they hadn't used that one to sabotage themselves yet this season, and so it was applied Thursday night to produce the winning goal by the Tampa Bay Lightning with 9.8 seconds left in OT."

Leafs are 3-2 losers, their 35th defeat in 52 outings over the course of a wickedly miserable 2009-10 campaign. Head coach Ron Wilson asked about the latest escapade offered no excuses and seemed almost resigned to the fact that this group of athletes can dream up new ways to lose faster than he can plug the multiple holes in the Toronto dike.  "We should be more disciplined. We aren't, we lose. Why am I still coaching this useless roster?" said Wilson through barely disguised clenched teeth.

The Leafs gave the Lightning three different 4-on-3 advantages in the final nine minutes of competition.

Damn that must of hurt..

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