Friday, January 8, 2010

Iverson back where it all started

After all the whining about not starting this 2009 NBA basketball season, it looks like Allen Iverson may finally get his wish because after he returned to the Philadelphia 76ers a few days ago, current 76ers head coach Eddie Jordan has already said he will start Iverson, probably because he doesn’t have anybody else left.

In case you didn’t know, yes, Allen Iverson is back where it started it all, Philadelphia, returning to the very team that drafted him to the NBA after a bitter parting back in 2006.

"It’s funny that when Iverson left the 76ers, the team was at the very bottom of the Eastern Conference and on game night, he will return to the same team still at the very bottom of the East." When the Sixers traded Iverson to the Nuggets in 2006, they were 5-18 and on an 11-game losing streak. The Sixers are 5-15 and on a nine-game losing streak when Iverson returns Monday.

Will Iverson’s return to the Philadelphia 76ers be the boost the team is looking for? Probably not, but at least their dwindling ticket sales will improve a bit.

”It was like déjà vu,” 76ers center Samuel Dalembert said of watching him practice. "But it better not effect my minutes. I am taller than him and I want my points. I will step on that little ni**** if he thinks he can take my minutes away from."

”He made somewhat of a difference already in practice,” coach Jordan said. ”His talking, his presence, being a step ahead of the play defensively. He talks good smack.”

The 76ers hope they can say the same of the returning Iverson come game time with the injuries they’ve been having this season. Leading scorer Andre Iguodala, arguabley one of the ugliest players in the NBA, is out with a sore ankle and is questionable for Monday’s game while Lou Williams is out indefinitely because of a broken jaw. That's what happens when a 6 foot guard gets punched in the face by a 7 foot forward.

All these injuries equate to a miserable 5-15 start for the 76ers. The only team that has done worse is the New Jersey Nets and their abysmal 1-19 mark.

You betta' reco'nize..

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