Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tiger woods to start own equipment line and (women's) Invitation only golf tournament.

(AP) What does Tiger Woods have in common with a baby seal? They've both been clubbed by a Norwegian. (Of course, Elin is actually Swedish. But poetic license is allowed in jokes.)

That's just one of many, many jokes making rounds in the aftermath of Tiger Woods' car crash and affair rumors. Some of the jokes are pretty good, others aren't pretty at all. Well this one is no joke. In the events of the disastrous aftermath Tiger has decided to start fresh in order to rebuild his crumbling empire.

Sources say among the many things he will do include Tiger, who's birth name is Eldrick Tont Woods, changing his name to Cheetah. If that is true or not it's got to be better than Tiger starting his own equipment line including a set of Irons appropriately named 'Elins'. Tiger has also been petitioning Nike to change their slogan to 'Just do me'. Not sure how valid that one is.

Finally, a close source to Tiger claims he will begin his own pro golf tourney by invitation only. What the invite entails is still unclear.

Worthy note: Conan O'Brien classic: "One of the women who claims she slept with Tiger Woods says they never talked about golf while having sex. However, contractually Tiger was obligated to talk about Nike, Gatorade and American Express." It is amusing to note those 3 sponsors have since abandoned their contracts with the Tiger.

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